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What Is Going Steady ?

Going steady is an exclusive arrangement made verbally to only date each other. Going steady is a romantic relationship in which both partners commit to date only each other. Going steady became the mainstream dating pattern in high schools and colleges in the 1950s. Going steady continued as a dominant dating pattern through the 1980s, with teenagers beginning to go steady at progressively earlier ages.

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Deal Your Way To Laughter and Thought Provoking Questions

Our game is designed to help you connect with others on a deep, meaningful level. With activities that promote open communication and trust, you'll have the tools you need to build a strong, lasting relationship or friendship.

Get ready to fall in love with Going Steady Card Game! Our game is perfect for couples or singles looking for a fun and interactive way to connect with others. With challenges that range from silly to serious, you'll have a blast while building meaningful connections and discovering your perfect match.

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Play Your Cards Right By Asking The Right Questions

Looking for a game that's both fun and romantic? Look no further than Going Steady Card Game! Our game is perfect for couples or singles looking to build strong, meaningful relationships. With challenges designed to bring you closer to your partner, you'll have a blast.

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Tracy has given me wonderful Godly direction, guidance and advice In my career path and lifestyle. She is insightful, an amazing listener and Great communicator. I’ve put her advice into action and now my perspective on my life has never been brighter .


I’ve had questionable people in my life, but Tracey helped me recognize what type of people weren’t worth my time. Ever since she opened my eyes, I’ve been able to utilize my awareness of my worth to reconsider what I allow.

Dericia Kanesha

Tracey provides realistic advice which is logical and can be implemented right away. She is a great listener and asks probing questions to get more information. This allows her the ability to give you very specific and individualized advice. Thank you!


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